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Bryan Foster Author's New Website

Welcome to my new author’s website: ‘Bryan Foster Author & Publisher’ released today!

I would like to invite you along with me on many interesting past, present and future adventures in the literary and creative worlds. Join me as I introduce you to my new and recently published books, photobooks and videos.

Bryan Foster visited Uluru

The website presently caters for all my literary publications, books and photobooks. Each book and series is highlighted. There are blogs and bio sections about the ‘Author’. The NEWS page starts today. Soon the gallery of images and videos will go live also.

The titles covered are God, marketing, Australian travel and caravanning.

All books are available from all good internet bookstores. The photobooks are available on Amazon, Apple and Blurb only. Various local bookstores, cafes and libraries also support these. The 720 videos are on YouTube at ‘efozz1’.

Please let me know which website sections could be improved or even suggest other pages which you would like to see included.

My mantra is, "Be succinct and clear in all forms of artistic expression. Always be truthful, open and creative. Go gently with the electronic options, so as to be as natural and honest to reality as possible. From this will come a great story."

(Clarification: I will be using the spelling for photobooks as a single word, instead of the present two-word spelling used commonly today. This is because I believe the change is almost upon us due to its singular meaning – these ‘photobooks’ are complete books of this genre and not just ‘books of photos’ as ‘photo book’ implies.)

Text and Image © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

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