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Early Married Lives for Bryan Foster and Karen Foster. Beginning Teachers - Highs and Lows. First Two Children.

Met Future Wife at Teachers' College

I originally changed my degree options from an environmental science degree to a primary/elementary teaching diploma. Unbeknown to me, my eventual wife had done a similar change. She had changed from a teacher-librarian degree to the same teaching diploma as I did, but was a year later with her enrolment. We met within a week or so at eighteen, and as they say, the rest is history. We married at twenty-one, the end of my first year teaching and Karen's third year training. The thought that we may never had met, is quite challenging. I deeply thank God for this having occurred. It is obviously central to both our lives. As far as professional decisions go, this was no such thing, but it was mind-blowing in the subjective and personal realm.


Professional Overview the Early Years

This decision also opened up a considerable number of other professional and personal choices for us both over our lives, and especially the impact on our careers. Buying our first house in Macgregor in Brisbane, when both were 21, was a most remarkable event. I was teaching year 4 at the close-by Catholic primary school, while Karen was teaching year 2 a few kilometres away, in another Catholic school. We were able to save enough for a basic deposit, so as to be able to make the house purchase. In hindsight, this acquisition was a strong basis for our lifetime together, as parents of three children, and both teaching for 40+ years overall. Our two eldest children are both teachers, Leigh-Maree on the Gold Coast, and Andrew in Canada. Our third child is a research scientist at the University of Queensland, having initially achieved first class honours.

 First Daughter. Difficult First Secondary School for Author.

In the year of both of our 25th birthdays, many changes were about to occur. In January, our first daughter, Leigh-Maree, was born in Brisbane. Karen was able to, and chose to, be a full-time mum for the next few years. I took up my first secondary Catholic school teaching role in a specialised school of 200, where 100 students suffered or lived out some very challenging lifestyles, lack of support, fear, and abuse, etc. The other 100 were mostly average students academically, and helped heal and support those with varying degrees of difficulties. I only taught here from January to May. Then off to Tara to be the local Catholic school's new principal.


​Bryan Foster and Karen Foster


Great Developments Publishers


Aldrin Ave., Benowa. Queensland. Australia

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