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UNIQUE, Images from God to Bryan Foster, Author. 1. A large Sun Cross after Easter at Texas. 2. Two Sun arrows across the Author at Mt Warning/ Wollumbin.

The top two images were taken by Bryan Foster, author, at Texas on the New South Wales side of the border with Queensland. The giant sun cross was formed over six images, (the last two images above are the last two of six images in that series), which display the construction of the giant sun cross.

The second image immediately above is the full and complete cover image for Book 4 in this series of 10-books, 'God Today' Series. Book 4 is titled - Where's God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs, 2018

The image above shows the sun, strikingly shining through the rainforest canopy on the Lyrebird track at the base of Mt Warning/Wollumbin, in the northern rivers of New South Wales, Australia. There is also a sun flare coming out of the sparkling sun. This appears to 'shoot' two sun arrows towards and over Bryan Foster.

UNIQUE Photographic Images from God are given to Bryan to help him and his readers, supporters, and all other interested people, be fully aware of the faith God has in him and others to disseminate the 21 Revelations and one hundred plus accurately and wholesomely discerned Inspired Messages to today’s world. The spectacular images are UNIQUE and originals of God. The images involve the sun, clouds, moon, tropical vegetation, and rainbows, etc. Sun flares, seeming to come through the rainforest foliage from the sun itself, are seen shooting out sun arrows towards and over Bryan’s body while he takes selfie images at the foot of Mt Warning / Wollumbin near the Mt Warning walkers’ former car park; before the carpark was closed by the department responsible for Parks in NSW. Bryan’s favoured Lyrebird track, which is still open to the public, is his sacred ground/site for many of these images from God. Bryan didn’t see the result of each image he took until it was uploaded to his PC laptop computer.

We are all called to assist with the dissemination of God’s messages for all His people, with Genuine Messages from God. God requires as many people as possible today to put His Revelations and Inspired Messages out broadly, to as many people as possible, to seriously help all people to grow closer to God throughout their lives and before their deaths. God truly desires for all people to reach their Salvation with God in Heaven after their death.

All books are available as paperback, ebook, and hardcover. The most recent publications also have a Large Print option. These books are available through good worldwide internet bookshops and various street-side bookstores.

The 10 books in this Series are:

Book 1. One GOD for All, (2016)

Book 2. Mt Warning GOD's Revelation: Photobook Companion to '', (2017)

Book 3. Where's GOD? Revelations Today, (2018)

Book 4. Where's GOD? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs (2nd ed) (2018). Images are so genuinely UNIQUE and God-Given!

Book 5. Jesus and Mahomad are GOD (2020)

Book 6. Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD'S Love (1st ed) (2021)

Book 7. Wisdom: GOD’s Hints and Tips (2021)

Book 8. (8A and B). Love is the Meaning of Life (1st ed) (2022) Book 8. Love is the Meaning of Life (for Secular People) (1st ed) (Book 8 is an edited version of the 2nd ed. i.e., Book 6, 2021, and includes an introduction to God’s Love for the non-believer and those with doubts. It includes an introduction to God’s Love for the non-believer and those with doubts.

Book 9. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2023)                                                                            

Book 10. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2nd ed) (2023)


​Bryan Foster and Karen Foster


Great Developments Publishers


Aldrin Ave., Benowa. Queensland. Australia


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