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Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories
Books 9 and 10 of 10.
in the 'God Today' Series.

Some themes from God, will possibly shock the reader! 

These last two books in the 'God Today' Series should very much assist us to find the Absolutely Loving God of Eternity i.e. One God for the One Religion. God requires all religions now to seriously work together to form and become just One Religion for the rest of eternity.


God is now asking us to work

as a one

humankind, worshipping

the One God forever, through


fascinating and

very powerful new teachings and


1. The main challenge revolves around billions

of people becoming,

or who are already, Incarnations of God.

These Incarnations would

then considerably assist the other people

to be so

Godlike that they

would be well on the road to Salvation at their deaths.

2. Another method of assisting humanity to be saved and be with God in Heaven, would be through more Godly selected prophets, assisting humanity and God in bringing us all together.

3. It seems strongly, that God will have many other creations becoming One with Him in Heaven at their deaths. All humans, fauna and flora will have the chances for this. How God makes decisions on which are saved, is still not available for us yet.

4. There is even a good probability that various inert creations by God can also be saved. Rocks, water, chemicals, etc. are also now a good possibility for existence later. How is still yet to be found?

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Our God Today Stories

This is a very important website for my wife, Karen and me. It concludes the 10 book series, 'God Today' Series, written over the past 8 full years. Bryan retired from 42 years teaching mainly religion classes, halfway through the eight years, while Karen retired at the start of this first year of retirement in 2023, after teaching primary school classes for 40 years.

We have been so fortunate to have received so much from God and so much that God has requested we pass along as much as we can to all religious leaders and scholars of all genuine religions, worldwide. The ten-book series was written over the 2016 - 2023 years.


Bryan Foster (Author) and Karen Foster - Directors

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