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REVIEWS One God for All

... your vital religious journey and experiences drew me into the book…
(Dr Jim Rourke, Canada)
Bryan’s reflections derive from connection to and experience of the sacred… (Steve Jorgensen, Curriculum Leader RE, Brisbane.)
Bryan has identified our common and shared spiritual heritage.
(Russell Lenehan, Gold Coast)
Your book offers insight into great mysteries about the nature and reality of God…
(Alice Williams, 'Study of Religion' teacher, Ipswich)
… your special, perceptive and inspiring brand of spirituality has always been open to God's presence in your life. You have touched many people's lives… (Bernadette Roche, former Assistant Principal RE, Marymount College)
I admire how much you are intertwined with your spiritual self… and messages that others can take from it.
(David Bailey, Engineer, Southport.)
… some rich insight …  words they will find encouraging in an age of religious scepticism and spiritual nihilism.
(Mark Craig, Amazon Customer, gave a 5-star rating)

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School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)

It is superb. It is absolutely amazing the way you have produced it in such detail, yet simplicity. You are the Best media person I have ever come across.

(Sr Nancy Freddi, former Vicar Sisters of Mercy, Melbourne, Australia - former Principal Aquinas College, Gold Coast and Mt Lilydale, Melbourne)

These resources have excellent guidance and advice for principals and school trustees who wish to be active in promoting their school to their own community and in the wider community.
(Br Sir Patrick Lynch, CEO - New Zealand Catholic Education Office)

I used this resource with my school board and marketing committee and we found it very easy to use. It has comprehensive guidelines on how to market your school and it is very easy to follow.

(Vincent Reiner, Principal, - All Souls Catholic School, San Fancisco, USA)

I indeed enjoyed your book, Bryan. It is now helping me to write a marketing plan to better market my business for the education market. 
(Bert Maes, European Haas Technical Education Center Coordinator - CNC Manufacturing, Brussels Belgium)

I have known Bryan Foster for over twenty years. Bryan is a committed and highly professional educator and administrator. In particular he has demonstrated great leadership in the area of school marketing and promotions. He has always been willing to share his experience and expertise with colleagues.

(David Hutton, former Executive Director of Catholic Education - Archdiocese of Brisbane)

…an outstanding resource for school marketers who are serious about competitively positioning their school and engaging all stakeholders in a meaningful and innovative way. It has been an invaluable planning tool… I highly recommend it!

(Michele Franken, Marketing and Public Relations - Guildford Grammar School, Guildford, Perth, Western Australia)

The school’s renewed sense of vibrancy and dynamism in the community can be directly attributed to Bryan’s ability to accurately and cleverly promote the College’s special strengths and unique qualities.

(Diarmuid O’Riordan, former Deputy Executive Director, Catholic Education, Cairns Diocese, presently - Principal St Edmund's College, Ipswich)

The wealth of experience, knowledge, strategies, skills and resources on tap in this text makes it a “must have” for anyone who is serious about marketing a school effectively and successfully. I highly recommend Bryan Foster’s book.

(Bernadette Roche – former Marketing Manager and Assistant Principal, Marymount College, Gold Coast)

This is an excellent book for anyone in education looking at practical strategies in order to raise the profile and population of their respective institution. I appreciated the simple but eloquent style used to communicate what are some key marketing concepts. A must read for those who are in education seeking to better represent their educational services to the wider public.

(Amazon Customer, 5 Stars rating)

church marketing amazon.jpg

Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)

The detailed manual has much to offer to help parishes to promote themselves better to those searching. Bryan's book comes as a result of many years of parish and school involvement, and so he is aware of some of the unique issues that parishes face, especially with limited personnel and finances.

(Fr Adrian Sharp Associate Judicial Vicar at Regional Tribunal of Brisbane/Queensland, Moderator at The Brisbane Oratory in Formation, former PP, Annerley, Coomera, Gold Coast - studied Canon Law at St Paul's University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

I find Bryan Foster’s new book will help considerably with marketing our Catholic parishes in the modern world. I am especially drawn to the chapters on Parish – School relationships and the uses of the internet, in particular the parish website.
(Fr Dan Ryan PP at Sunnybank Parish, former PP at Surfers Paradise Parish)

I would highly recommend this book to other parishes as a tool which could be used in groups or by the Parish Priest or Parish Administrator.
(Sonya Slayter, Parish Administrator - Surfers Paradise Parish)

If you are looking for a book that reaches to a younger audience then I highly recommend Bryan Foster! I was very excited to see that Bryan had published this incredible book! The manual guidelines can also be used for life strategies. He has been my mentor for over nine years. With his guidance, wisdom and intelligence I had been accepted into medical school and as a doctor will now pursue using his books for further motivation and advice on how to reach the digital age audience. Thank you, enjoy the read!

(Dr Amelia Lambers, The Royal Women's Hospital)

In an age when Church agencies are needing to find more effective ways to use media and communicate with a contemporary audience, this book provides some valuable insights and helpful hints. It is certainly worth a read. I would strongly recommend to Church leaders and agencies to purchase a copy.

(Amazon Customer, 5 stars rating)

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