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COVER Love is the meaning of life_ god's

Unique book on LOVE,  GOD & US.

COVER Love is the meaning of life_ god's

Foreword Introduction by Karen Foster, (2021, p.18)


I have been fortunate to have witnessed firsthand that Bryan has been in close contact with GOD for many years. I would like to think that I also have. This latest book in the ‘GOD Today’ Series, Book 6, titled, Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD’s Love (1st ed.) (Author Articles) (2021), shares the absolute necessity for real Love in today’s world as shown as essential by GOD.


This book details the world’s connection to the Absolutely Loving, One and Only GOD forever.


Bryan invites you to explore some fascinating and affirming messages from GOD and about GOD for today’s world. These he has experienced in varying degrees. Many readers would also have had some of these experiences over their lifetimes. We should continually remind each other that everyone needs to be inspired to search for, and find, GOD. Hopefully, this latest book will further open up the reader’s life and the world to being open to GOD and GOD’s messages and experiences for each of us in our particular, necessary way.

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