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Media Release Wisdom: GOD's Hints and Tips (Book 7 of 9)

For Immediate Release 08 - 07 - 2021

Book 7 in the 'GOD Today' Series by Bryan Foster from the Gold Coast will be released within the next week. Over 200 hints a tips from GOD's Wisdom are shared in this unique book. GOD genuinely gave the 21 Revelations to Bryan during the early morning on two occasions. These became the basis of the Series. The essential background resources come from Three main sources:
       21 Revelations to Bryan from GOD in May, 2016 and Nov.2018, while camping on the plains of Mt Warning, Australia.
       103 Inspired Messages from GOD recorded over more than a decade.
       Key quotes from Books 1 to 6 from the highlighted grey boxes throughout these earlier books in the Series.
Books 1-6 are available from good internet bookstores worldwide.

Photographic Images:  Book 4 is the author's favourite and should be seen before or with Book 7. This photobook contains many unbelievable and spectacular, untouched images from GOD highlighting our Sun, Moon and clouds. (There is one exception due to it minimal lighting.) These images include sun arrows and flares passing to or over Bryan from a sparling sun coming through the rainforest trees. Most received from the foot of the mountain, others from close by beach sites.
Author:  Bryan is a retired teacher of Religion for 42 years. He taught 'Study of Religion' to years 11 and 12 for 30 years. He was also a primary principal twice, along with being a secondary assistant principal for 12 years. Within his wider Church, he was a parish and deanery Chair or Secretary over the years.

Series Books so far:

Book 1. One GOD for All, (Author Articles) (2016)

Book 2. Mt Warning GOD's Revelation: Photobook Companion to '', (2017)

Book 3. Where's GOD? Revelations Today, (Author Articles) (2018)

Book 4. Where's GOD? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs (2nd Ed) (2018)                                  **Author's favourite**.

Video 1. Where's GOD? Revelations Today, Video Series, YouTube (efozz1 or CaravanAus) (2018)

Book 5. Jesus and Mahomad are GOD (Author Articles) (2020)

Book 6. Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD'S Love (1st Ed) (Author Articles) (2021)
Book 7. Wisdom: GOD's Hints and Tips. (Author Articles) (2021)
(20+) God Today | Facebook  A variety of these previously mentioned truly, spectacular images on the Facebook page.

Media Release Authorised by Bryan Foster,

Author, Director of Great Developments Publishes, Gold Coast, Australia.

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LOVE IS THE MEANING OF LIFE: GOD'S LOVE - Book Release Tuesday 9/3/21


A major exploration of what true love is and how it affects us all introduces this book. This is the sixth book in the 'GOD Today' Series by author Bryan Foster (2016-2021)

This book approaches the topic from a different perspective to most other Love books. There is a major discussion on the types of love, its positive and sometimes negative impacts, and how we can grow in true love throughout our lifetimes with our special lovers, family, friends, colleagues and communities.

God is seen as the absolute lover who loves us all equally and desires our perfect union on this earth and ultimately with God in Heaven. God’s love is explored in detail and forms the strong basis of this Book 6.

The final two books on Love and due out 2021/2. Prayer and divine relationships with God and the Incarnate God, along with God's prophets, holy people, and the various religions' followers of God hold key possibilities for our future world. 

See both websites listed for more details of all six books in this series. 


 © Copyright 2016-2021 Bryan W Foster, Great Developments Publishers


If you would like further details of the series or this book, please contact Bryan Foster at



Bryan Foster

Author/Director at Great Developments Publishers

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30 November, 2020.

Jesus and Mahomad are both Incarnate GOD

Jesus and Mahomad* are both GOD Incarnate - that is they are both God who became fully man twice in history - as we are now aware. * ('Mahomad' spelt this way by God during the Revelation.)


Bryan Foster, author of Jesus and Mahomad are GOD, received these Revelations directly from God one early morning in May, 2016. He was instructed to write these down as 'spoken' by God. Which he did.

He later wrote Book 5 in the 'GOD Today' Series. Book 5 - Jesus and Mahomad are GOD (2020), along with the other four books of the Series, are now available from all good internet bookstores.

Bryan's two main websites + Facebook - God Today, have considerable detail you may be interested in.

Authorised by

Bryan Foster 0402168911

Director and Author

Great Developments Publishers

Gold Coast



30 November, 2020.

God Incarnate as Jesus and Mahomad

Gold Coast author of the 'GOD Today' Series, Bryan Foster, has recently released his Book 5 in the Series of 8 books, 3 websites and a video channel. The emphasis in this book is on the Incarnation of GOD. Both Jesus and Mahomad are God Incarnate i.e. Jesus and Mahomad become GOD fully.

"God's spectacular Revelation to me in 2016 is quite remarkable," said author Bryan Foster, a retired Catholic school religion teacher of 42 years, as well as various leadership positions in parishes and schools over many years - principal x2 and assistant principal for religious education over 10 years + parish and deanery presidents and secretary."


God became fully man twice since 3BCE - once as Jesus, and around 500 years later as Mahomad. ('Mahomad' was spelt this way when revealed by God to me.)

God directed that both Christianity and Islam need to interpret these 21 Revelations correctly. These were shared with the author from 2016 (15) and 2018 (6) combined. To then promulgate these to the world of today.

Bryan's two main websites + Facebook - God Today, have considerable detail you may be interested in.

Authorised by

Bryan Foster 0402168911

Director and Author

Great Developments Publishers

Gold Coast


'GOD Today' Releases

Unique GOD Signs Today Photobook

+ Video Series

Sunday 25/11/18

The images of the sun rays, sun flares, sun arrows, sun crosses and double rainbows shared in this new photobook, highlight God's heavy involvement in encouraging people to search for the Truth.


"These photographic images, often with the author included, challenge us to search for God's Revelations in today's world," said author Bryan Foster.


"I now fully accept that the images and symbols contained in this photobook are all signs from God, encouraging and supporting us into sharing God's Revelations, inspired messages and experiences sent by God."


Hopefully, these stories and images will help all people on their journeys to God, seeking the Truth and needing God in their lives, right up to the ultimate salvation with God after their time here on Earth.


"The images you will view have challenged both my wife, Karen, and myself. You don't expect to see these types of photos just appear, and on numerous occasions."


This photobook surprises the reader with some exceptional and different photographic images formed from various reflections and refractions of the sun. Some formed across the author, others with spectacular sun shapes formed in the sky.


These occurred at various venues, especially at the foot of Mt Warning, on Straddie, North Stradbroke Island and inland at Texas on the Queensland / New South Wales border.


'Where's God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs' and the  'GOD Today Video Series' are both being released on Sunday. The video series supports key points from both the above photobook and its integral textbook, 'Where's God? Revelations Today' released on Halloween this year.




Authorised by:

Bryan Foster


Great Developments Publishers

Gold Coast



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Only 1 day until Halloween and the release of the latest ‘GOD Today’ Series book -

'Where's God? Revelations Today' by Bryan Foster, author and Gold Coast teacher.


The book is now available for pre-orders at Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia, Angus and Robertson, Powell's, Alibris, Fishpond and other good internet bookstores. Below are the links and prices of the paperback at each internet store. The hardcover is also available at various stores. $19.95…/1129485490…$19.95… $19.95…/prod9780648400110.html $20.25…/wheres-…/p/9780648400110 $20.47… $21.34…/9780648400110…$23.95…/Wheres-God-Brya…/9780648400110$28.71


For more details, see the book on the ‘GOD Today’ Series website at:


Image from Andrew Foster


Media Editors: If I you would like further details of the series or copies of the books etc., please advise.



Bryan Foster

Author/Director at Great Developments Publishers



Halloween 2018 - Release date for new book by Gold Coast teacher and author, Bryan Foster.


'Where's God? Revelations Today', is a 270p book, which answers the question proposed in the book's title.


God revealed Himself to the author in 2016.


"While I was at the foot of Mt Warning, in the Northern Rivers of NSW, God revealed 14 Revelations to me," said Bryan Foster, author.


"6 other Inspired Messages were also revealed that previous afternoon."


"God spoke through my mind's eye – similarly to how people experience God when in deep prayer and meditation."


The Revelations were recorded in writing exactly as received from God. The first 12 Revelations are detailed and explained in this book out on 31 October 2018.


"I also explain why these are believed to be the Truth from God."


More information about the series, the books and other publications and a bio of Bryan Foster can be found on the following websites:  


If I you would like further details of the series or copies of the books etc., please advise.



Bryan Foster

Author/Director at Great Developments Publishers

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