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Book 5 Cover.jpg



Where's God? Revelations Today



Available through good internet and shopfront bookstores.

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Jesus and Mahomad* are GOD.

God revealed to the author that now it is time to share this Revelation worldwide. It was initially revealed to the author, in 2016, while caravanning on the plains of Mt Warning in Murwillumbah, Australia. This is the fifth book published in the ‘GOD Today’ Series. The Series highlights 21 Revelations from God.

Amazon has the ebook all versions out now.  You can view many of the book's beginning pages at Amazon. It is available from all good internet bookstores worldwide. Sample -

Essential Revelations covered in this Book 5 are:


1. Jesus and Mahomad are the Incarnations of God/Allah – Revelation #15. 2. God revealed other Truths through 21 Revelations received by the author in May, 2016 and November, 2018. 3. The possibility of the author being a prophet, as written during 2016 Revelations. The ‘Tears from God’ occurring, along with God’s signs through photographic images, including sun’s rays, flares, double rainbows, etc. help the reader’s faith stance believe in the author and the Revelations. These images are explored in detail in Book 3 and shown in Photobook 4. The various Revelations not explained in the first four books are presented now.


God needs the religious leaders, scriptural scholars, theologians, etc., from both Islam and Christianity to explain these Revelations as each applies to their religion. Other genuine religions should be invited to become an integral part of God’s place in today’s world. It would be by helping with the theology of the Revelations, especially the One God only, the same God, for all time, etc.

'Where's God? Revelations Today

Photobook Companion:


 GOD Signs'


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Something quite different.

See some very interesting, UNIQUE, 'GOD Sign' photographic images -resulting from the sun's reflection and refraction and other Godly 'quirks'.

Including - sun arrows placed across the author.

Background image - Palm Beach, moon-rise.


Count the arrows on each image!!!


'God Today' Videos

                                See YouTube for 20+

GodToday Overview

GodToday Overview

'Straddie' North Stradbroke Island: Photobook of the Natural and Shared Beauty

shares this beauty photographically.

Straddie is such a magnificent sand island off the SE Queensland coastline. The second largest in the world.

'Straddie' is the name most people know North Stradbroke Island as. Minjerribah is its indigenous name.

This most beautiful and natural island is about 50% national park, jointly administered by the local Quandamooka people, 'people of the sand and water'.

Easy access is by barge or ferry from Cleveland. Regular services are offered.

People are well supported through local services: food, holiday accommodation, health support, surf lifesavers and various clubs and much more.

Author and photographer, Bryan Foster, regularly returns to the land on which he was 'born' in the 1950s. His wife and family so much enjoy all that Straddie offers.



Available now from Apple, Amazon and Blurb.

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