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Creative, interesting and adventurous publications

Hi. Let me introduce you to a little about my creative interests and styles used. My favourite style is non-fiction and adventurous. I enjoy creating books, photobooks, photographs and videos.

The greatest time involvement and joy comes from writing factual books. These are eventually published in all formats: hardcover, paperback, ebook and ibook. And sold through all good internet stores.

The photobooks are mainly a leisure time activity and special writing and creative interest. I chill out when producing these. The greatest enjoyment is the actual photo taking needed, as high quality, interesting and different photos are an absolute necessity for quality photobooks. Photography has been a major interest since I could afford a camera, and the film processing needed, at 13 years of age, while working as a Saturday morning packer at Coles supermarket in Southport on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. These photobooks are available through three main sources: Amazon, Apple and Blurb. At Blurb, you can view each book fully before buying!

I very much enjoy video production, also more as a leisure time activity these days. Once again the videoing of many adventures or 'how-tos' is the particularly enjoyable part. The 750 YouTube videos at 'efozz1' are mostly about places to stay and things to see and do in Australia, mainly from a caravanners / campers / RVer's viewpoint. Includes 30 'How to caravan for beginners by Fozzie' series. There are also some from Canada where my son and his wife live. Two of the most spectacularly visual countries with major contrasts - one very dry, one well watered.

My mantra, "Be succinct and clear in all forms of artistic expression. Always be truthful, open and creative. Go gently with the electronic options, so as to be as natural and honest to reality as possible. From this will come a great story."

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