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Where's God?

Kingscliff Beach Sunrise © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster

Have you found yourself asking this question more often these days? I certainly have and seem to do it quite regularly.

However, the answer is right before us. It is just something that may have been missed due to all the clutter and distractions around us. It seems that so many in the world have no need for God. Many don’t even believe in God any more. Much of what we do either says we aren’t interested anymore or that we are so off the mark that God just becomes lost to us.

Where’s God? God is right here with us. All we have to do is open our eyes, ears and hearts and invite God to us.

God never left! We left God!

God loves us all equally and so much. It is actually our duty to open ourselves to God and become one with God in our everyday. It is up to us individually and as a society.

In my upcoming book, Where’s God? I will be exploring two key aspects of God:

· How best to Understand God

· God’s Revelations and inspired messages for today’s world.

This is the second book in the God Series. One God for All was released in November 2016. The first book emphasised this key Revelation that there has only ever been one God for all people, cultures and religions - forever. Various inspired messages from God were detailed, along with twenty-six stories sharing experiences I have had of God throughout my life. Just as so many people helped and inspired me on my journey of discovering God, this information was offered to help others with their finding God in this busy world.

See new Where's God? webpage.

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