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Jesus and *Mahomad are God by Bryan Foster - Book 5 of 9

Jesus and *Mahomad are God Incarnate by Bryan Foster

Book 5, the latest book in the 'GOD Today' Series, has now been released. It is available from all good internet bookstores as a paperback, large print paperback and hardcover. The eBook version is mostly from Amazon, Apple and Blurb.

Jesus and Mahomad** are both Incarnations of God, who came to their communities approximately between 1500 and 2000 years ago and which eventually became the largest two religions in the world today.

The highly controversial but very informative book, introduces the reader to the latest Revelations from God. There are 21 Revelations which were revealed to Bryan in 2016 and 2018. This book also completes the explanations of each of these final six Revelations, plus Revelation #15.

Revelation #15 is the most informative, yet also the most controversial topic discussed - Jesus and Mahomad are God! It is also the book's title.

Highlighted points from the Book 5:

* Jesus and Mahomad are both Incarnations of God who lived fully as a human before returning to be God in Heaven;

* Christian and Islamic leaders, theologians and other scholars, are called upon to explain #15 revelation and how it applies to their religions and the world of today;

* Islam has to reject violence, especially when it comes to the teachings about Mahomad's lifestyle and link to today's world;

* There is only One God for all religions and cultures for all time, forever;

* God loves all people equally - no exceptions!

* Tears from God, Revelations from God, Incarnations of God etc. are key background for the book's thesis and author articles.

*The spelling of 'Mahomad' when revealed to the author by God.

Copyright 2018-20 Bryan W Foster - image and text

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