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God's Revelation to Bryan Foster

The actual revelation received from God on 28 May 2016. (' One God for All' & 'Mt Warning: God's Revelation' - extract) These are written exactly as each was received. There is an overall simplicity to these, yet each is so powerful and life-changing when fully accepted and lived. Be truthful Don’t be Greedy Love life – don’t take it Respect all Love one another as I have loved you … Be educated for what is right & truthful Education is paramount for all We are one One God only - One God … God’s messages to a world in need This world is in enormous need… Fear rules – often from the cyber world - eliminate this … (Three lines have been withheld at this stage.)

© Copyright 2016 Bryan W Foster Extract from ' One God for All' by Bryan Foster, November, 2016, p171-2.

Extract also in 'Mt Warning: God's Revelation', Nov 2017, p 56.

Image Mt Warning covers © Copyright 2016/7 Bryan W Foster

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