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Our Incarnated God is Everywhere in Today's, Yesterday's and Tomorrow's World.

Bryan Foster, author of the 'God Today' Series, now an eleven-book untitled yet to be book, commenced being written in 2016 and will conclude in later 2024. With God's special directions and strong assistance, the Series has grown from a 7 book to an 11 book one.

This final book in this Series, brings together all the key Revelations (R), and Inspired Messages given to Bryan from God over many years and in fact over decades. The Revelations were mostly received directly from God by the author in 2016 and 2018, one other previously in 1982 and probably two more will eventually be seen to fit the Revelations' category and given from Dec 2022 to Jan 2024. Well over 100 Inspired Messages (IM) were also received from God to Bryan from a round about his fifteen years of age, when he was seriously considering the priesthood as his life-long vocation.

This final book will conclude the key theme begun in Book 9, continued in Book 10, and will be completed, to a decent degree, in this Book 11. Due to its somewhat difficult and unique concept in the understanding divinity stakes, the author believes that it is important to come into this challenging topic with some degree of appreciation of its content, so as to understand where it came from, where we are now with it, and where this should or will conclude.

Basically, this most probable Revelation received by Bryan Foster at the end of last year, sees God being the most Absolutely Loving entity, aiming for every person who has ever lived, and others yet to ever live, to become one with Him and every other living creation of His, being all human, all fauna and all flora. God has probably become Incarnated in ways well beyond what we could ever imagine.

God has become Incarnated, i.e. being fully God and fully man, and now also lives as one with us through His Incarnated presence, in this case according to this latest Revelation in 2022/3, with every second person. Each second person is guided by the first Incarnated other person! This shows the Absolute Love God has for humanity, where God directs and guides half the population to Him, while the other half do the guiding and then also become completed with God. All as One together in Heaven. Plus all the other creations from God, living or inert, will also reach salvation, in whatever way God so chooses. This may be beyond our levels of appreciation and understanding until we are one with God in eternity in Heaven - All together as One with the Divinity, forever!!!

Copyright 2024 Bryan Foster, Karen Foster and Great Developments Publishers


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