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‘God Today’ Series

A series of seven books, four texts and three photobooks, by Bryan Foster, are being published between 2016 and 2021. This will form the 'God Today' Series.

Murwillumbah NSW Australia, sunset © Copyright 2018 Bryan W Foster) One God for All (2016)

Mt Warning God’s Revelation: Photobook Companion to ‘’ (2017)

Where’s God? Revelations Today (2018)

Where’s God? Revelations Today: Photobook Companion (2018)

The Meaning of Life is Love (Working title, 2019)

The Meaning of Life is Love: Photobook Companion (Working title, 2020)

The Two Great Prophets for Today? (Working title, 2021) One God for All introduced the first of the Revelations from God for today in detail and challenged the reader to search and find God through other people, nature and God’s inspired messages. It introduced the author and shared twenty-six of his personal, spiritual, finding-God stories. A series of inspired messages discerned by the author over his lifetime was shared.

Mt Warning God’s Revelation: Photobook Companion to ‘’ is a 60-page photographic exploration around Mt Warning taken over a three year period, culminating in the Revelations from God on the plains at the foot of the mountain one cold night. It is a photographic and written story of the spectacular and spiritually inspiring Mt Warning and its surrounding towns, landscapes and fauna from all angles around its 72km base and road up to the walking track.

Where’s God? Revelations Today invites the reader to continue the journey of exploring who God is for them and what are God’s messages for today’s world. It details the twelve Revelations from God for today introduced in the previous two books. A collection of another six inspired messages received within that same 24 hour revelation period is shared. A key focus is on assisting the reader in their appreciation and understanding of who God is in today’s world.

Where’s God? Revelations Today: Photobook Companion surprises the reader with some exceptional and different photographic images formed from various reflections and refractions of the sun. Some formed across the author, along with spectacular sun shapes formed in the sky. These occurred at three venues on the plains of Mt Warning, at its foot, Cabarita and Kingscliff beaches, as well as on Straddie, at Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island and inland at Texas on the Queensland / New South Wales border. Other spectacular sunrise and sunset images are shared. The sun is seen as central for many people in their imagining of God and God’s beyond our reality’s awesome powers.

The Meaning of Life is Love is planned for release in late 2019. A major exploration of what love is and how it affects us all introduces this book. There is a major discussion on the types of love, its positive and sometimes negative impacts, and how we can grow in true love throughout our lifetimes with our special lovers, family, friends, colleagues and communities. God is seen as the absolute lover who loves us all equally and desires our perfect union on this earth and ultimately with God in Heaven. God’s love is explored in detail.

The Meaning of Life is Love: Photobook Companion still in the early planning stages, it will strongly support the textbook through significant photographic images. Its release is planned for early 2020. The images will sometimes be quite challenging. Combined with various literary genres used to enhance the images, this book will be strong support for those wishing for more love in their lives and the world as a whole.

The Two Great Prophets for Today?. A massive challenge for fifty percent of the world’s population is issued and to be published in 2021. This work in progress is being continually researched, prayed for and discerned. Prayer and relationships with God and the incarnate God hold key possibilities for our future world.

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