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All living fauna, flora and people have souls and the possibility to go to Heaven at death

1. Life=Soul.

Choose God above all else at your death's last choice made by you.

Choosing evil will cause a creation’s ending to be Hell. (Books 6,7)

2. 'Tears from God’ are another of the signs from God to support ‘His’ divine truth with us. (Books 1,3,5,6,7,8.)

3. God Loves all people equally. People choose to move away from God, i.e., how sinning occurs. (Books 1,3,7)

The next 3 Revelations or Inspired Messages from God to Bryan between 2016 and 2021 are shown in blog below. Books in the Series that explain each are listed in brackets.

See Amazon link below for a pictorial display of all books mentioned, except Book 8 out soon.

Book 8 soon to be available from good internet bookstores and some shopfront stores worldwide.

© Copyright 2021-2 Bryan W Foster

Book 8, 'Love is Meaning of Life'.

Published early 2022.

Bryan Foster, author, is shown in the image below. Look carefully for the arrows, the sun's flare and the twinkling sun shining through the rainforest canopy at Mt Warning / Wollumbin. Can you see it? Going across my face. It originally took me ages to see it and only after being uploaded to my laptop.


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