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Book 8 of 10 in the 'God Today' Series by Bryan Foster, 2016-2023. Titled - Love is the Meaning of Life, 2022.

Book 8, Love is the Meaning of Life, in general, covers various contemporary topics and themes based on Love for all people. The 'God Today' Series contains ten books and has been produced over the past few years, 2016-2023.

This book is presented differently from the other nine in this series. The book is divided into two parts, 8A and 8B. Book 8A concentrates on the secular views of millions of today's people from our worldly secular populations. It does include some God and spiritual thoughts and possibilities. I was going to concentrate on the secular views but eventually found that there is a necessary place for some of these different inclusions to add depth to the secular discussions. Even if, for no other reason, the reader ignores it! That's Free Will.

The informed reader will ignore their prejudices, which many are looking for, and look for the most important inclusions on whatever topic or theme is being considered. Being there for a god or not is one of those discussions people need to have and to react to finally.

Book 8B concentrates on the place of God and Godly Love in the whole story of God's relationship with humanity. This is included for those interested readers who may like to explore these topics and themes. Book 8B also borrows key articles from the book's (1st ed) Book 6. Book 6 is titled; Love is the Meaning of Life: God's Love. The book adds considerably to the understanding and appreciation of our One and Only God. Interested readers may consider starting with Book 6 or with Book 8B, in their search for what is needed and required within our world today.

Book 8 – Love is the Meaning of Life, Bryan Foster, 2022. Image above shows Bryan Foster and Karen Foster on Ubirr hill in the Northern Territory at Kakadu. Bryan Foster is the author of this book. Karen Foster assisted with editing and photographs.

Book 8 is divided into 2 parts, 8A and 8B. 8A = Love is the Meaning of Life (Book’s theme). 8B = Love is the Meaning of Life: God’s Love. Selections from Book 6 for interested readers.

What is Love? Many types, including: we are all equal and one in God’s eyes; forgiveness; the gifted, talented and fortunate owe the world out of Love from God. Love’s challenges: human frailty; perfection; abuse; gender challenges; Indigenous first people’s challenges; Hate speech, etc.

Loves Solutions: General solutions; Gender solutions; A nations First People’s Solutions.

Love is the Meaning of Life: why live a full strong life? But life’s not fair? Our divine eyes. Place of music in God’s Inspiration. Social justice principles and human rights, True love from phenomenal musicians over the recent years, eg. Elvis Presley (dec.), Leo Downey and Leonard Cohen (dec.). Secularism can be catastrophic.

Book 8B

Selections and Author Articles as a background from Book 6.

Revelations and Inspired Messages discussed at greater levels. Are the considered Revelations and Inspired Messages, the Truth from God? Yes! Mt Warning/Wollumbin in northern rivers of NSW, Australia, are a part of the Wisdom story from God. Tears from God help show God’s Divine Presence to our world today. Peacefulness with God a key experience; God’s Powerful Signs and coincidences. Discerned Truths by the Author from God.

Content Tables for Books 1-7. Paperback pages from p.276 to p.310.

Books 8A and (8B = Selections and Author Articles from Book 6.) Books by author in this ‘God Today’ Series. Deep love is often discovered initially for people from the death of a family domestic animal.


​Bryan Foster and Karen Foster


Great Developments Publishers


Aldrin Ave., Benowa. Queensland. Australia

The 10-book Series titled, ‘God Today’ Series, contains the following titles. Books are available all good internet bookstores, along with various shopfront bookshops, worldwide –

Book 1. One GOD for All, (2016) 

Book 2. Mt Warning GOD's Revelation: Photobook Companion to '', (2017)

Book 3. Where's GOD? Revelations Today, (2018)

Book 4. Where's GOD? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs (2nd ed) (2018).                           Images so genuinely UNIQUE and God-Given!

Book 5. Jesus and Mahomad are GOD (2020) 

Book 6. Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD'S Love (1st ed) (2021)

Book 7. Wisdom: GOD’s Hints and Tips (2021)

Book 8. (8A and B). Love is the Meaning of Life (1st ed) (2022) Book 8. Love is the Meaning of Life (for Secular People) (1st ed) (Book 8 is an edited version of the 2nd ed. i.e., Book 6, 2021, and includes an introduction to God’s Love for the non-believer and those with doubts. It includes an introduction to God’s Love for the non-believer and those with doubts.

Book 9. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2023)                                                                            

Book 10. Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2nd ed) (2023)

* N.B. The spelling of *Mahomad throughout this Series is deliberate. It is how God spelled it to the author, except once, in 2016.


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