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Book 8 of 10 in the 'God Today' Series by Bryan Foster

In general, book 8, Love is the Meaning of Life, in general, covers various contemporary topics and themes based on Love for all people. The 'God Today' Series contains ten books and has been produced over the past few years, 2016-2022. Books 9 and 10 come out this year.

This book is presented differently from the other nine in this series. The book is divided into two parts, 8A and 8B. Book 8A concentrates on the secular views of millions of today's people from our worldly secular populations. It does include some God and spiritual thoughts and possibilities. I was going to concentrate on the secular views but eventually found that there is a necessary place for some of these different inclusions to add depth to the secular discussions. Even if, for no other reason, the reader ignores it! That's Free Will.

The informed reader will ignore their prejudices, which many are looking for, and look for the most important inclusions on whatever topic or theme is being considered. Being there for a god or not is one of those discussions people need to have and to react to finally.

Book 8B concentrates on the place of God and Godly Love in the whole story of God's relationship with humanity. This is included for those interested readers who may like to explore these topics and themes. Book 8B also borrows key articles from the book's (1st ed) Book 6. Book 6 is titled; Love is the Meaning of Life: God's Love. The book adds considerably to the understanding and appreciation of our One and Only God. Interested readers may consider starting with Book 6 or with Book 8B, in their search for what is needed and required within our world today.

The 'God Today' Series:

Published 2016-2022 OUT NOW

1. One God for All (2016)

2. Mt Warning God’s Revelations: Photobook Companion to ‘’ (2017)

3. Where’s God? Revelations Today (2018)

4. Where’s God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD Signs (2nd ed) (2018)

V. GOD Today Video Series (2018)

5. Jesus and *Mahomad are God (2020)

6. Love is the Meaning of Life: GOD’S Love (2021) 7. Wisdom: God’s Hints and Tips (2021)

8. Love is the Meaning of Life (2022) (An introduction for secular people)

Out 2022

9. Love is the Meaning of Life GOD’s Love: Photobook Companion (late 2022)

10. God. You & Me. Our Special Stories. (Mid 2022)

* N.B. The spelling of *Mahomad throughout this Series is deliberate. It is how God mostly spelt it to the author in 2016.

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