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Book 8 of 9 in 'GOD Today' Series OUT SOON

The 'God Today' Series (2016-2022) by author Bryan Foster will have Book 8 of 9, i.e. Love is the Meaning of Life released early this year. Retired Catholic school teacher and leader of 42 years, Bryan has released 24 books since 2009.

He has been chair or secretary at various parish and deanery pastoral councils over the years from south Brisbane to Gold Coast.

The books' themes have come from 21+1 Revelations from God to Bryan in 1982, 2016 and 2018 and various discerned beliefs over the decades.

Bryan has been a principal in two schools in southern Qld and an APRE at a secondary Gold Coast school for 12 years. Three main themes are God Today; School and Church marketing; and Hints and Tips for new caravanners. Bryan has also released 780+ videos based on the three themes.

The attached image is of Bryan and his wife Karen sitting atop Ubirr in the Kakadu National Park. Brilliant views of Arnhem Land are before them.

See all his books at Amazon

Books are available from good internet bookstores and numerous shopfront stores.

Images are © copyright to Bryan W Foster.

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