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Bryan Foster - Ezine Articles (2010 to 2014)

Teaching is often considered the pinnacle of all professions. Too often society robs us of those incredible people who desire to be educators. We all remember at least one teacher who had a major impact on our lives. For the passionate teacher, it is a vocation. It is much more than a career, it is a way of life, wholly integrated into all other aspects of these people's lives. - Oct 12, 2014

The Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, address to the UN on gender equality was outstanding. As a young lady, Emma was able to reposition feminism in to its correct place in society. She emphasised that it was not about 'man hating'. It was about men and women having equal rights. Her impassioned plea to the audience is a must watch video. - Sep 24, 2014

A most beautiful experience is to realise for the first time, that women are truly equal to men. To realise that all people have so much to offer our world. To realise that through our gender differences we are made whole as a people. - Sep 16, 2014

Institutions need to wake up to the power that comes from an integrated leadership, membership and/or workforce. To be places where all people feel truly valued and are fully respected for who they are and what they can offer and not what their gender may be. - Sep 16, 2014

Women are such beautiful creations in the truest and fullest sense. They are much more than physical, sexual beings. They are a complete package of the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual. Yet they are most often diminished in society? They are often not given the opportunities of men, not respected as much as men, and not seen as equal to men in every way. - Sep 16, 2014

The moonbeam is just one of God's awesome and many invitations to us. God is not only found in nature but in those extra special natural events and happenings. Those 'Wow' moments! - Sep 06, 2014

Employment opportunities for Australian Aborigines will lead to a feeling of self-worth. Self-worth will lead to the need to have their children educated, to look after everyone's health better with the assistance of local health services, and to keep out of trouble and prison. Family and community life will be seen as very important to each aboriginal person. - Sep 06, 2014

We cannot lock God up. This is what the digital age actually does, whether deliberately or otherwise. - May 27, 2012

Let's live for greatness - for God - really!!! Let's let God give us the time of our lives! Nothing can beat the time we spend with God - nothing! God is especially present in our time with our spouse. He is especially present in our time with our family and friends. God is present when we live in the present. He is present in our time with nature, in fun times, in everyday times. God is most especially present in our time with Him!!! Prayer!!! Silence!!! GOD!!! - May 27, 2012

Photos images are the basis of any successful marketing plan. The more relevant and appealing the better. When an image is used effectively it grabs the attention of the viewer and makes them take note. Remember - 'a picture tells a thousand words'!!! - Apr 19, 2012

A successful school marketing plan and budget will need to incorporate most of the top ten free school marketing strategies if it is to be successful. The top 10 strategies can be free, or at least relatively inexpensive, depending on the school's present arrangements. - Apr 02, 2012

Word of Mouth - #1 Strategy to Market Schools Let's keep it simple. From my experience there are a number of classic and contemporary methods to market your school. These should be at the forefront of any successful school marketing plan. A number of these are free or relatively inexpensive. The number 1 method though is 'Word of Mouth' is free! - Apr 02, 2012

E-book or Paperback? Combining both the contemporary e-book version with the traditional paperback version of your books will open up many marketing and distribution options for greater sales and promotion of these books. Using a company, which does all the key aspects for your books i.e. creates both the hardcopy and e-book versions, markets and sells your books over the internet, always with your complete control, is something for which all authors and small publishers should aspire. - Nov 27, 2011

There is now a relatively inexpensive way to publish your books as paperbacks and e-books. Paperbacks and e-books now complement each other. It has been suggested that even though the markets are different, you will still sell substantially more paperbacks if distributed properly. The CreateSpace production and distribution methods seem to me to be the way to go for so many reasons, not the least being that this method is a cost-effective world-wide means to sell your paperback and e-books. Paperback production is based on a system called 'print on demand'. No more having to have a large number of paperbacks printed to save on individual book costs and then paying large amounts to self market your texts, or for even more outlay paying some professional marketing firm and then having to find a distributor, etc. - May 29, 2011

The love shown by so many people within and outside Egypt during this relatively peaceful revolution is something to admire. Love once again wins out! Love brings peace - a peace to Egypt and hence a more peaceful world! We can all learn from this and make love the top priority. - Feb 12, 2011

Love is Giving - this is especially shown this month through the quality of Australian mateship, as displayed throughout flood covered Queensland. Australia has been famous for its generous spirit of mateship and genuine camaraderie. People truly do value others, especially in their times of need during hardship and struggle. - Jan 15, 2011

The voice of the silent is an unheard cry from the needy, the poor, the ill, the lonely... These people, who have so little means, are not heard beyond their immediate existence by the noisy self absorbed world. We all need to commit to true acts of love beyond our own safe, everyday environment. It takes a special love - a true love - to do this: to help someone you do not know; to help someone when your friends encourage you not to help; to help someone who truly needs your help! - Jan 12, 2011

The love of priests and pastors for their communities is real! There is so much in this mainly selfless love from which we can all gain. Once we accept these people for who they are, firstly as people and secondly as priests and pastors, we will be appreciative of our similarities and differences and work together towards the betterment of our society as a whole. - Jan 08, 2011

To love one another as I have loved you is the call to enter the light - to be our true selves supported by the true light. To love each other as we would like to be loved ourselves will free us to truly be ourselves. To forgive, to show compassion and understanding, to see the best in others, to allow each person to be him / herself fully, is what true love enables. The superficial in relationships becomes insignificant. - Jan 02, 2011

Writing your first book is one of life's most pleasurable experiences - but challenging! Be aware of the challenges and be prepared to meet these head-on. However, after becoming fully informed, and if you feel it is not right for you, it is probably best to let go and may be try another challenge awaiting you. - Dec 11, 2010

A loving family is the strongest unit within civilised and tribal groups alike. It needs to be nurtured, supported and encouraged. It needs to be held up for evaluation, judged and modelled. When each individual truly loves the other, great things happen! Differences are accommodated, successes are celebrated, challenges are issued, respect is integral and most importantly forgiveness is offered and received whole heartedly, to name but a few actualities. - Nov 11, 2010

True love enables people to celebrate the successes of others. When people experience what love truly is, they love to celebrate everyone's successes - not for themselves but for those who have achieved. - Oct 08, 2010

Once someone knows and appreciates what true love is, their whole approach to life, self and others changes. Love changes all! - Sep 21, 2010

Yes there is a God! There are so many ways to explain this answer. However, in a widely secular, materialistic, individualistic world, the challenge is even greater. I will approach the answer from the personal experience perspective. God is love. - Sep 06, 2010

Yes there is a God. There are so many ways to explain this answer. However, in a widely secular, materialistic, individualistic world, the challenge is even greater. The answer will be approached through the following two perspectives: 1. Faith and 2. Historical, Cultural, Lived perspectives. - Sep 06, 2010


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