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'God Today' Series - Call for Reviewers

'Where's God? Revelations Today' by Bryan Foster book cover

Reviewers and Commentators needed!? 10 original, first print paperbacks (270p) arriving next week.

Hi friends, colleagues and supporters, I would very much like to invite you to read and offer comments and/or review my upcoming book, 'Where's God? Revelations Today'. In exchange the first copies of this latest book will be provided to the volunteers free of charge. The author tells me ;) he'll sign each copy if this may be of interest to those wishing to assist ;).

The book will be released on 31 October, 2018 (maybe earlier if possible?). I would very much appreciate feedback from interested people before the final draft is printed in the commercial formats. It is to published in paperback, hardcover, ebook and large print by one the world's largest and most respected distributors, Ingram from the USA. It will be sold through all major internet bookstores. I am also hoping for various local bookstores to become involved.

Reviewers for the first book in this series, ' One God for All' may also like to review the latest book. Your involvement in the early days of the 'GOD Today' Series is very much appreciated and I would enjoy reading your thoughts on the latest book - a book with greater detail on the Revelations and inspired messages being covered.

If you would like to assist, please let me know asap. Please use fb Message or Messenger, txt or email. Only a limited number of books available at this stage.

The actual whole book cover is attached. Includes front and back covers.

Many thanks one and all for your very much appreciated support and encouragement these past two years.

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