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Author and Truths, Bryan Foster, 'God Today' Series, 2016-2023, Book 10, Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2nd ed), p.30.

Bryan Foster and Karen Foster, Directors of Great Developments Publishers, Gold Coast, Australia. Both now retired are former Catholic school teachers for 40 years, after graduating from the ACU and McAuley Teachers College, Brisbane.

Note the UNIQUE and spectacular sun arrow, coming from a sun flare through trees at Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island, and crossing Bryan Foster, Author of the 10-Books, 'God Today' Series. Written from 2016 to 2023.

Karen Foster and I have been married for forty-five years this year. We have three adult children and four grandchildren. Our two eldest adult children Leigh-Maree and Andrew are teachers, while our third, Jacqueline, has just completed her science degree with first-class honours at UQ (University of Queensland), Australia. Leigh-Maree teaches in Australia, and Andrew teaches in Canada.

These days I concentrate on my book writings, having permanently retired from the teaching of religion after 42 years. The main Series now is the ‘GOD Today’ Series of ten books/photobooks, which began being compiled in 2016 and will conclude in 2023 - eight full years of recording God’s Revelations and discerning Inspired Messages for people everywhere. The Series includes nonfiction books, and photobooks, along with several videos, websites, and social networking platforms.

I taught religion for forty-two years, including thirty years of ‘Study of Religion’ to years/grades 11 and 12; been a primary/elementary school principal, twice and taught in primary for eight years overall; and an assistant principal for religious education/pastoral care/administration in secondary school for (12 years). I believe that I played a considerable role in religious schools, parishes, and the Church deanery, and have been a president and secretary of both parish and deanery pastoral councils. As well as president of my children’s primary school’s Parents and Friends Association, twice.

God revealed 21 Revelations to me for distribution as far as I could possibly go. Especially amongst religious leaders, theologians, scriptural scholars, etc., worldwide. On the 29 May 2016, at about 3am, God revealed 15 Revelations to me. Each was written down by me as instructed to do by God. In 2018 God once again revealed Revelations to me, while I was camped at a similar location, closer to Mt Warning. There were six on this occasion. This made a total of 21 Revelations over these couple of years. The listing of 21+1 Revelations from God, included one in 1982, allowing the counts to be 21+1. The (+1) is the Revelation from 1982, on my 25th birthday, and detailed later.

To help with credibility, I have included several reasons why these are the Truth from God to be heard across the world. He states many explanations for the reader throughout to support the Revelations and Inspired Messages received by him from God. Readers of previous books in this ‘God Today’ Series will notice the depth and variety of these challenging Revelations and discerned Inspired Messages from God, as explained in this, my latest and last book in this Series. I also bring together, key essential themes and topics of importance, for clarity. This should be a special Series for us all. What more could we want than to bring God’s Revelations, discerned Inspired Messages and other Key teachings together in one Series, and especially in one book to conclude the Series, Book 10 – Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (2nded), 2023. This is the second edition of Book 9. It is believed that the many stories which follow this introductory section of Book 10, will be enjoyable and very informative for the reader. One God for All (2016) and Where’s God? Revelations Today (2018) and Where’s God? Revelations Today Photobook Companion: GOD’s Signs (2018) invited us to join in discovering God, God’s Revelations (R), and God’s discerned Inspired Messages (IM), as we strive to find our own personal and communal salvation with God. Being aware of coincidences and signs from God to people, notably including us, helps direct our journey to God and Heaven. 

Author’s Academic Qualifications: 

Master of Education (Religious Education) (ACU, Sydney and Brisbane)                                                                Bachelor of Education (ACU, Brisbane)                                                   Graduate Diploma of Religious Education (ACU,    Diploma of Religious Education (IFE, Brisbane)                                       Diploma of Teaching (McAuley Teachers’ College, Brisbane)

ACU – Australian Catholic University (Sydney and Brisbane campuses)                    IFE – Institute of Faith (Brisbane)

Teacher - years 1 to 12 over 42 years. Incl. Years 11 and 12 – 30 years. Years 11 and 12 Pastoral Coordinator (10 years). Assistant Principal RE and Pastoral Care (12 years). Primary Principal x2 schools (4years).

Copyright 2016-2023, Great Developments Publishers, Bryan Foster and Karen Foster.


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