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First Male Principal Appointment from the Catholic Teachers' College in Queensland to Two Catholic Primary Schools

Above Image. Bryan Foster has held numerous leadership positions in Catholic schools and parishes over his professional and faith lifetime. These include: primary school principalships x2; secondary Assistant Principal for 12 years; Senior secondary Coordinator for years 11 and 12 for 10 years; parish and deanery pastoral councils as either President or Secretary.

Tara, First Principalship, 1982

On my 25th birthday, we moved to Tara in southern Queensland, where I had been appointed as the primary school's principal. This eventuated after my previous primary teacher and secondary Maths teacher at secondary school ,approached me with the offer to lead this school which was beset with a serious set of difficulties. At this stage he was principal at Tara's closest primary school at Dalby. Being the first graduate male from McAuley Teachers College to be appointed a principal, quite tickled my fancy for a little while. Fr Quinlan, moved from Toowoomba as Parish Priest at the same time. We were challenged to repair both the school and parish, after a minor rebellion by the school's parents and the parish's parishioners impacted significantly on both institutions. Two years later, we had virtually sorted out the problems we initially encountered. The local people had succeeded in bringing each other together, with a little help from Fr Quinlan, myself and other key people related to the school and/or parish.

Goondiwindi 2nd Principalship

I was then invited to apply for the principalship of the Goondiwindi Catholic primary school. This school was approximately four times the size of the Tara school. It was so enjoyable to be offered this position, especially as I was the first non-religious, lay person, appointed here. I took over when the Sisters of Mercy moved out.


Community Involvement

I very much wanted to be heavily involved in the communities. I was also supported and encouraged to be an active community member in both towns. In Tara I gained my Queensland Senior Rugby League badge, and was then being able to referee the A Grade games in both towns on Sunday afternoons in their winter season. I also joined the Apex clubs of both towns , which met weekly. Goondiwindi has the famous Goondiwindi Grey horse statue on the southern edge of town on the McIntyre River. It was cared for by the Apex Club.


​Bryan Foster and Karen Foster


Great Developments Publishers


Aldrin Ave., Benowa. Queensland. Australia

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