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LOVE IS THE MEANING OF LIFE: GOD'S LOVE - OUT NOW from good internet bookstores

A major exploration of what true love is and how it affects us all introduces this book. This is the sixth book in the 'GOD Today' Series by author Bryan Foster (2016-2021). It is released TODAY. This book's author approaches the topic from a different perspective to most other 'Love books'. There is a major discussion on the types of love, its positive and sometimes negative impacts, and how we can grow in true love throughout our lifetimes with our special lovers, family, friends, colleagues, communities and GOD. This is a real-life discussion which should intrigue most readers. The unique approach placing GOD at front and centre of all LOVE, allows for a far deeper and broader discussion of Love and its creator!

God is seen as the absolute lover and creator who loves us all equally and desires our perfect union on this earth and ultimately with God in Heaven. God’s love is explored in detail and forms the strong basis of this Book 6.

OUT TODAY. See your favourite internet bookstore for purchase. The final two books on Love and Wisdom and due out 2021/2. Prayer and divine relationships with God and the Incarnate God, along with God's prophets, holy people, and the various religions' followers of God, hold key possibilities for our future world. See both websites of mine listed for more details of all six books in this series, so far. © Copyright 2016-2021 Bryan W Foster, Great Developments Publishers If you would like further details of the series and this book, please contact Bryan Foster at