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Revelations from God to Bryan Foster author in this 'God Today' Series

The first 4 of the 13 Significant Revelations (R) and Inspired Messages (IM) from GOD contained within this 'God Today' Series, 2016-2022, follow below.

Today's Revelations from God are #s 1-4.

Books, where each Revelation, etc., is highlighted, are included.

1. 21+1 Revelations from God to Bryan Foster Author – 1982, 2016, 2018. (Books 1,3,5,6,7,8.)

2. There is Only 1 God forever for all religions and all people. (Books 1, 3)

3. Jesus and *Mahomad are both God Incarnate. (Book 5)

4. God uses signs and symbols e.g., giant Easter sun cross in the sky over Texas, NSW. (It is Book 4’s cover image.) Sun arrows, sun rays, etc. (Books 3,4.)

* Mahomad was mostly spelt this way from God when Revelations given to me.

24 Books are available from internet stores and various shop front stores as well, worldwide.

See all books as these become available at various internet stores and in particular from Amazon, which displays all available books together on one webpage

See - . Bryan Foster: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

‘GOD Today’ Series (2016-2022) by Bryan Foster.

7 of 9 books in the 'God Today' Series published so far, 2016-2021.Revelation is highlighted

8 of 9 Books in the ‘GOD Today’ Series will be published within this month or two (including 3 Photobooks)

© Copyright 2021-2 Bryan W Foster

Published early 2022.

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