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'WISDOM: GOD'S Hints and Tips' - Book 7 of 9

This Book 7, in the 'GOD Today' Series by Bryan Foster, is released on June 2021.

It contains a large number of Wisdom quotes, which came from GOD through three main sources:

1. Revelations to Bryan from GOD in 2016 and 2018, while he camped on the plains of Mt Warning/Wollumbin, NSW, Australia; plus a major one from GOD to the author, Bryan Foster, on his 25th birthday, where he received the 'Tears from GOD' and an incredible flow of beautiful heat from head to toe as Sr Ann prayed over Bryan.

2. 103 inspired messages from GOD and discerned by the author over more than a decade;

3. Many quotes from those in the highlighted boxes in each of Books 1-6. These were either directly Revelations from GOD or the author has discerned these messages from GOD over the decades.

There are three levels of messages which come from GOD:

1. Revelations directly from GOD to the author/receiver;

2. Inspired Messages from GOD and discerned by the author/receiver; and

3. key/vital general everyday messages from GOD to the author/receiver and discerned by the author/receiver - in this case for many messages many came from over a decade...

Copyright 2021 Bryan W Foster


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