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Wisdom: God's Hints and Tips (July, 2021) - Book 7 of 9.

OUT NOW. Wisdom: GOD's Hints and Tips, (June 2021).

This is the latest book 7 of 9 out now (2021). f

From the 'GOD Today' Series by Bryan Foster. (2016-2022)

The Wisdom quotes in this Book 7 come from three main sources:

1. 21 Revelations from GOD in 2016 and 2018 + the 1982 'laying on of hands' o the author;

2. A collection of reflective quotes from well over 10 years of compilation, while preparing for a reflection series from GOD;

3. The quotes from each book 1-7, which are displayed and highlighted in grey boxes in these books.

Some internet bookstores where it is available from so far, others to follow

Amazon -

Barnes and Noble -

Booktopia -

Dymocks -

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